Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Aldi Product Review - Hairspray

I give this harispray a big thumbs up.............hairspray is my product of choice for my hair and this one is great..............it is a massive 400g and it only cost $3.49...........and it doesn't make your hair too gluggy or dry.........it's just right!!!!!!


  1. gotta agree with this , price is perfect and this stuff works and the smell is not as harsh as other hairsprays

  2. We used to buy their shampoo and conditioner! Loved it!!! I didn't know they had hairspray in the same range. Is it new?

  3. i have been buying the hairspray for a while!!! I don't think it is new!!! Aldi is a funny place, you seem to only see what you are looking for and not all the other stuff and even after you have been going for years you are still suprised at things you find :)