Thursday, 31 March 2011

Aldi Honest Review

In order for this page to be authentic I think it has to be both the good and the bad!! This review is about the new packaging for the baby wipes!!! I love the wipes great price and great quality however the new light blue packaging is a bit dodgy (the old packaging was fine). Nearly every packet we have had the hinged flap falls off after a little while becuase it is just stuck on with sticky stuff.

This can be a bit annoying because the wipes dry out and the moisture from them can get onto other things it is pressed up against.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Aldi Food Review - CASA BARELLI 750ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We love this olive is really high quality and tasty .........only $ comes in a dark glass bottle which makes me know they know about Olive Oil as it is best in a dark bottle to decrease sun exposure..........really tasty drizzled over salad with some red wine vinegar!!!

Moser Roth Easter Bunnies - Second Aldi Catalogue Pick of the Week!!!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE Moser Roth chocolate at Aldi..........and luckly they also do easter bunnies for a wopping $3.99......that is awesome and affordable and super tasty!!!! If you love chocolate you have to try these they are great!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

My First (there will be a few this week) Aldi Catalogue Pick of the Week- Kids Wooden Cut Up Play Food Set

I LOVE these wooden play food velcro sets............the noise the velcro makes when you're cutting through it is soooo real I am amazed ..........the feeling is also quite real to 3 year old loves it and so do most kids that come to our place!!!! This is the first of a few picks this week as this is an awesome Aldi week!!!!

Aldi Food Review - Organic Fairtrade Black Tea

I seriously do not know how they do it but for $1.99 you can buy 50 tea bags of Organic Fairtrade Tea...........that is amazing........and it's great to know your helping a bit when you sit down to a cup of tea!!! Good Job Aldi!!!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Aldi Trolley Keyring

You know you're a serious Aldi shopper when you've purchased a trolley token or two (like me)!!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Recent Aldi Purchase

We had a renovation done recently and for some reason our cutlery draws were smaller than usual.............this meant we couldn't find a proper insert to fit to seperate the of the recent buys at Aldi was an extendable cutlery tray .......yey we found a tray that fit............even better it was made from Bamboo so it was environmentally friendly and looked great as well.......Aldi is SUPER!!!!

Aldi Food Review - Frozen Blueberries

Frozen blueberries are a staple in this household..........the two cherubs eats loads of them out of a cup.........since they are one of the top 5 superfoods ever i don't really mind except they can be a bit expensive........Aldi has made this easy for me.........I have been looking at prices for weeks now and Aldi blueberries are always cheaper even when coles and woolies have the $2 or $3 off sales.........this is because they are 500 grams and all the others are 450 grams........the Aldi ones cost $5.99 and the others rarely ever go under that on sale......... YEY for blueberris at Aldi!!!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Aldi Catalogue Pick of the Week

I don't know about you but i am constantly frustrated by transformers on electrical products always being too big for power boards so you can only ever fit one although there are two spaces.............thanks to the genius of Aldi they have created a power board with some bigger spaces between the outlets so if you have a big transformer there is space.........good thinking Aldi and thanks for solving my power problem!!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Aldi Birthday - From the Kids

It's my birthday today and as a present my hubby took my two kids - 1 and 3 to Aldi to pick an Aldi variety pack for me!!! This included a bum bag first aid kit (very handy), sticky lint rollers, Moser Roth Mouse Chocolate (my favourite), a tin of mackeral (yum i can't wait to get into that), and some small cadbury cream eggs (the 3 year old strongly insisted)!!! Who would have thought you could buy all of this from the one place!! :)

On a more serious note though it has been 28 years today since my mother pushed through 15 hours of pain so i could give this life a go! 2 degrees, 2 babies, 2 social enterprises, 2 crazy facebook pages, 6 years of marriage, a great job, amazing friends, a feeling of contentment and adventure - I think i'm doing ok! I feel like the best is yet to come - here's hoping that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can really change the world and maybe Aldi too :) 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Aldi for Kids - Babushka Doll

These Babushka dolls are one of the highlights of all of our toys for every kid who comes to our place.........which is lots.......I initially just had the one but they were so popular i ended up buying another one as backup!!! They were the best $9.95 I spent on kids toys at Aldi......I do personally find them slightly creepy looking but the kids don't seem to mind :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Aldi Favourites - Black Tights

 I am a tights girl and these are my favourite by far!!! I have had them over 1 year, wear them at least 3 times a week, wash them once or twice a week, and have two children scratching around my legs all day! As yet there are no holes or pulls in them, they look as new as the day I bought them and they cost me a grand total of $4 from Aldi!! Love tights / Love Aldi :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Aldi At Your Place

Papa J and Nana Sue swear by the tinned Red Salmon.......the best on the market they say and the price is top it off it is also one of the only tinned salmon on the market certified by the Marine Stewardship Council's environmental standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery........Good on you Aldi!!!!

p.s. the lovely blue mark on Papa J's face was my 3 1/2 year old's attempt at some face painting :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Aldi Easter Food Review - Hot Cross Buns with no preservative 282 YEAH!!!!!

I love Aldi's commitment to no preservative 282. Right there on the front of the Hot Cross Buns it say no 282. This preservative is a big baddie. Thanks Aldi for making my hot cross bun buying so easy!!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Love the Aldi Shopping Boot

I popped into Aldi today to pick up a few bits and pieces and I have to say that i love the Aldi Shopping Boot experience.  I am rarely organised enough to have my green bags and i love that there is no plastic bag option so i am still doing my bit for the environment.  Most of my Aldi shopping experiences end with a boot full of loose groceries but i love it!!!!  Embrace the love i say!!!! and see it as a plus for mother earth!!! 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Aldi Catalogue Pick of the Week

I have picked the inflatable Family Boat for $59 as one of my picks for the week.  I mean really who doesn't want to spend a weekend in a $59 inflatable boat with your family??  And living by the bayside I can see the memories being created already!!!  There was a tie this week however!!

I mean seriously what more could you ask for when shopping for your bread and milk than to pick up a 2200W portable never know when you just may need it!!!  Aldi always thinking ahead!!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Glorious Sunday - Aldi Catalogue Day

One of the reasons Sunday is my favourite day of the week is because that's the day we get the Aldi catalogue in the mail!!  My husband is also a big fan so when we see the leaflet person put the mail in our letterbox it is a race to see who can get there get the aldi catalogue of course!!!  Stay posted for my product picks of the week!!!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Aldi Love Out and About - Giant 3m x 3m Picnic Rug

At fiona's 40th....someone says nice rug.... owner says.......Aldi $30.....this is why I love Aldi!!

Aldi Food Review - Cranberry Juice

This is why I love Aldi!! I have been buying their cranberry juice for some time now. 6 months ago they changed their bottle size from 1 1/2 litres to 2 litres but the price stayed the same $3.99. This was already cheaper than the competition whose bottles are all 1 or 1 1/2 litres and $5 or $6. The ingredients are the same, the quality is the same they are just heaps cheaper for more!! Well done Aldi!!

Another tip is to use 1/2 juice and 1/2 water.  It tastes just as good, lasts twice as long and is better for you.  Challenge yourself to do it for one week and then you will never go back!!!!

Aldi For Kids - Threading Fun

 You have to love some cotton reels and threading buttons!!! For only $4.99 this helped my 3 year old with fine motor skills and kept her focused and entertained while i am wasting time on social networking sites!! Thanks Adli and the best part is the lid is pinky (spoken by 3 year old)!!

Aldi In My Home - Non-Slip Kids Bathmat

This bath mat is great!! It cost $7.99 and unlike previous non-slip bath mats which have gone mouldy after a month or so this one stands the test of time!! Great kiddy design and for some unknown reason to me it just doesn't seem to go mouldy........good job less icky kids cleaning job i have to think about!!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

First Product Review - Aldi Seaweed Rice Crackers!!!

These rice crackers have a total of 5 natural ingredients, no numbers included, unlike some of their well known competitors that charge twice as much for a little added MSG........See why i love Aldi!!!