Sunday, 24 July 2011

Aldi Food Review - Premium Red Salmon

 I love love love this salmon ............ is costs $3.99 for this 210gram tin which is a lot cheaper than the named brands .......... I actually tried the woolworths select premium red salmon which compared in price to this one just to see if there was a difference ........ it was not very nice and lacked flavour .......... this red salmon is a great price for really high quality!!! One of my Aldi LOVE products!!!


  1. we had the premium red salmon for dinner tonight, I was surprised as I thought I had picked up pink salmon. After dinner I was so impressed by the flavour I searched out the docket and was surprised to find I had only paid 3.99, well worth the money, I will surely buy again

  2. Nothing wrong with Woolworths products but I believe in value for money and will not pay a premium purely for convenience.