Monday, 8 August 2011

Aldi Catalogue Pick of the Week - eBook Reader

This looks like a great price for an eBook Reader ............ don't know much about them but i like the idea!!!

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  1. I bought one of these mainly for viewing photos (rather than as an eReader) but found the viewing quality disappointing (see below). Overall I found it easy to use and I easily copied from my PC, videos, mp3 files and jpeg files using the USB cable provided. MP3 files played fine using my own headphones (I didn't try the buds provided). The video files also (.avi) played OK, it even displayed the subtitles for one that had a .srt file in the same folder. My issue with the LCD screen is that the viewing angle is quite critical for videos and photos. Even at the best angle, the darker areas tend to merge into black and it only gets worse if you vary the viewing angle from the optimum. I adjusted the brightness but could not make much improvement at any setting. A reduction in contrast would have helped but there was no adjustment for this. The high contrast setting makes text very clear but was not good for video and photos. Viewing photos has the additional problem that they display in portrait and adjusting for the best angle means you need to view slightly side on. It's a real problem if two or more peole want to view the pictures at the same time. You can rotate the displayed photo but this becomes tedious if most of your photos were taken in landscape. I returned the unit as it didn't meet my needs and received a refund.