Monday, 21 November 2011

Aldi Food Review - Wild Grains Gluten Free Bread (QLD only I think)

This is the tastiest gluten free bread I have ever eaten ...... but I only like it toasted ...... the grains make it delicious ....... it costs about $4 I think!!!


  1. I agree, this is my favourite gluten free bread too. I was so excited when I saw it for sale at Aldi. It's like Aldi is closing the gap between the products I used to buy at Aldi and those I had to buy from health food shops

  2. Unfortunately now Aldi have chosen to remove this line from Carindale as they introduced the in house bakery. I was so disappointed because I also found this bread to be the tastiest that I've come across and at an excellent price. The solution I was given by Aldi was to travel to Salisbury - unfortunately not an option.