Thursday, 31 March 2011

Aldi Honest Review

In order for this page to be authentic I think it has to be both the good and the bad!! This review is about the new packaging for the baby wipes!!! I love the wipes great price and great quality however the new light blue packaging is a bit dodgy (the old packaging was fine). Nearly every packet we have had the hinged flap falls off after a little while becuase it is just stuck on with sticky stuff.

This can be a bit annoying because the wipes dry out and the moisture from them can get onto other things it is pressed up against.


  1. I found you! I saw your Facebook page mentioned earlier this week and this arvo went searching for you. It has been yrs since I shopped at Aldi. We found that we could only get half the items we needed for our shop and had to go across town to finish off the shop at Franklins. As we now have three kids, I am keen to try Aldi again but need to get the Mr to agree.

    I loved their nappies and wipes, shame the packaging is of lesser quality now. Why not buy a pack of Coles or Huggies in the plastic tub and then go back to buying Aldi wipes but pop them in the plastic tub? We love their brand of Bounty Bars (cannot remember their name) and their Apple / Cinnamon teacake was to die for! *drools* :)
    I know I am going to love reading your blog and Junk mail from the mail box, over an arvo cuppa is BLISS!!!!!!!
    I'd love you to join my blog.

  2. Forgot to say I cant join your FB page, every time I click LIKE, it tells me "You are not permitted to do that"?!

  3. Hey Rumpus room............thanks for your comments.......the liking thing is strange on facebook I have never had that before so don't know how to help??? I hope you can work it out and thanks for the follow :)

  4. @The rumpus Room - I do the exact same thing!- bought a Huggies container, and ever since then just pop my Aldi refills in there, and they never dry out :-)