Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Aldi Birthday - From the Kids

It's my birthday today and as a present my hubby took my two kids - 1 and 3 to Aldi to pick an Aldi variety pack for me!!! This included a bum bag first aid kit (very handy), sticky lint rollers, Moser Roth Mouse Chocolate (my favourite), a tin of mackeral (yum i can't wait to get into that), and some small cadbury cream eggs (the 3 year old strongly insisted)!!! Who would have thought you could buy all of this from the one place!! :)

On a more serious note though it has been 28 years today since my mother pushed through 15 hours of pain so i could give this life a go! 2 degrees, 2 babies, 2 social enterprises, 2 crazy facebook pages, 6 years of marriage, a great job, amazing friends, a feeling of contentment and adventure - I think i'm doing ok! I feel like the best is yet to come - here's hoping that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can really change the world and maybe Aldi too :) 

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