Monday, 28 March 2011

My First (there will be a few this week) Aldi Catalogue Pick of the Week- Kids Wooden Cut Up Play Food Set

I LOVE these wooden play food velcro sets............the noise the velcro makes when you're cutting through it is soooo real I am amazed ..........the feeling is also quite real to 3 year old loves it and so do most kids that come to our place!!!! This is the first of a few picks this week as this is an awesome Aldi week!!!!


  1. Just popping by from seven Cherubs! I am an ALDI lover too so was excited when I saw your blog :) haha! And I totally forgot about the wooden fruit that went on sale today.....oh I hope they have some left tomorrow (thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I went to buy the play food and instead bought two cute puzzles!! They are great!